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Top Rated Chengdu Day Tour

Client: Joseph Rajendran

Nationality: Singapore

Pax: 4

Group Code: TCT-TS-FIT-191122

Itinerary: Chengdu

Dependable China Adventure Tour for USA

Client: Scott Silpe

Nationality: United States

Pax: 2

Group Code: TCT-JT-FIT-191009

Itinerary: Beijing-Xian-Chengdu-Guilin-Hangzhou-Shanghai

Best Chengdu Zhangjiajie Highlights Tour

Client: Ms.Marini Tjiong

Nationality: India

Pax: 2

Group Code: TCT-YY-FIT-191214A

Itinerary: Xian-Beijing-Chengdu-Zhangjiajie

China Historical & Heritage Tour from USA

Client: Robin C Blake

Nationality: United States

Pax: 1

Group Code: TCT-JT-FIT-191201

Itinerary: Beijing-Xian

Super Value China Tour for Australian

Client: Richard Skender

Nationality: Australia

Pax: 2

Group Code: TCT-VL-FIT-191209

Itinerary: Beijing-Xian-Guilin-Shanghai

Educational Trip to China from South Africa

Client: Maureen Van Den Bergh

Nationality: South Africa

Pax: 10

Group Code: TCT-RH-FIT-191117

Itinerary: Beijing-Xian

Lovely Panda China Tour from India


Nationality: India

Pax: 4

Group Code: TCT-YY-FIT-190418A

Itinerary: Beijing-Xian-Chengdu-Guilin-Shanghai

Ancient China Tour to Capital Beijing Xian

Client: Wong Fei Luen

Nationality: Singaporean

Pax: 6

Group Code: TCT-JT-FIT-190308

Itinerary: Xian-Beijing

Visit Zhangjiajie on a trip to China

Client: Mr.Stephen Hamilton-McLeod

Nationality: United Kingdom

Pax: 2

Group Code: TCT-RW-FIT-0330

Itinerary: Shanghai-Zhangjiajie-Guilin-Chengdu-Xian-Beijing

Colorful Dongchuan Red Land Photography Tour

Client: Dam-Thuy Truong

Nationality: USA

Pax: 2

Group Code: TCT-DM-FIT-190324

Itinerary: Kunming-Dali-Shanghai

Travel to Yellow Mountains Alone

Client: Ms.Louise French

Nationality: Canada

Pax: 1

Group Code: TCT-BL-FIT-190101

Itinerary: Suzhou-Huangshan

Excellent Classic China Tour By Top China Travel


Nationality: SPAIN

Pax: 5

Group Code: TCT-RH-FIT-191020

Itinerary: Beijing-Xian-Shanghai

China Zhangjiajie Landscape Tour with Yangtze River Cruise

Client: Mr.Pankaj parikh

Nationality: India

Pax: 6

Group Code: TCT-JT-FIT-191024

Itinerary: Chongqing-Yangtze River Cruise-Zhangjiajie-Guilin

16 Days Magnificent Sightseeing Tour of China

Client: Ms.Danielle Woolhead

Nationality: Australian

Pax: 4

Group Code: TCT-YY-FIT-190511

Itinerary: Beijing-Xian-Chengdu-Guilin-Yangtze River-Hangzhou-Suzhou-Shanghai

Travelling in China with Kids in April

Client: Ms.Leila Mada

Nationality: Australia

Pax: 3

Group Code: TCT-HX-FIT-190401

Itinerary: Beijing-Shanghai